Introduction of Chinese Canadian History Museum Project

As the first project established by IESCEA, Chinese Canadian History Museum (CCHM for short) will be of great social, cultural and economic impact to Canada.

According to historical records, there had been records of Chinese habitants in Canadian territories before Christopher Columbus discovered America in the 15th century. For six centuries, especially since the reform and opening-up policy adopted by China in the early 1980s, Chinese immigrants have greatly contributed to the social and economic prosperity of Canada.

In addition, the Chinese Canadian community is the largest ethnic group of Asian Canadians and its community organizations are rapidly growing across the country.

We at IESCEA realized the necessity to establish CCHM with a mission to conduct comprehensive search and collection of historical relics and documentaries related to Chinese Canadian history in order to preserve this valuable cultural heritage of Canada.

Not only will it preserve and promote this unique history and cultural heritage, but also integrating the Chinese community with the rest of Canada. Furthermore, CCHM is expected to become a popular local tourist attraction and contribute to the tourism industry.

Project Details: Chinese Canadian History Museum


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